Mr. Nikhil Ramkarran


Mr. Nikhil Ramkarran is an Attorney at Law with the Law Firm Cameron and Shepherd.

Mrs. Chandra Gajraj

Mrs. Chandra Gajraj is the General Manager of Trust Company (Guyana) Limited. Mrs. Gajraj has been in the employment of the Company for over 30 years. She is also Corporate Secretary of Demerara Bank Limited.

Mr. Hewley Nelson

Mr. Nelson is the General Manager of the Hand-in-Hand Trust Corporation Incorporated and has been with that Institution since 1972, having been appointed its General Manager in 1988.

He has a Bachelor of Social Sciences Degree in Public Administration and attended several overseas courses in Pension Administration and Investment Analysis.

He has also served as a Director on several Public Sector Boards.

Mr. Anand Beharry

Mr. Beharry has been Managing Director of Beharry Stockbrokers Ltd providing brokerage services since 1993. He holds a BA in Marketing & International Finance from the University of Western Ontario.

Mrs. Enid Bissember

Mrs. Bissember has been responsible for macroeconomic policy research & analysis for the Caricom Secretariat since 1 August 1984. She holds a BA in Economics from University of West Indies Mona, an MA in Business Economics from Ohio University and the Conduct & Practice and Financial Planning CSC from the Canadian Securities Institute.

Resigned with effect from October 31, 2016.

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