Chapter 9

Chapter 9Payment of fees, levies and charges

Fees, levies and charges


The Board may from time to time for the purposes of the administration of GASCI and its securities market impose membership and other fees, levies and charges in such respects and on such terms as the Board may prescribe, provided that all such fees, levies and charges shall be imposed equitably between members.


Without limitation to the generality of rule 9.01 the Board may impose fees and charges in respect of –

  1.  applications for membership;
  2. annual subscriptions in advance from members; and
  3. the registration of representatives.



The amount of any fees, levies and charges which the Board may impose shall be notified to members by means of a General Notice.



The amount of any fees, levies and charges imposed by the Board pursuant to these rules may from time to time be revised by the Board as it shall in its absolute discretion think fit and the Board shall notify such revised fees, levies and charges by General Notice.

General Notice


The Board shall also prescribe the time and method of payment of any fees, levies and charges imposed pursuant to these rules by General Notice and all members shall comply with the requirements, instructions or directions contained in such General Notice including the payment of interest, penalty or fine for late payment of such fees, levies and charges.

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