Session 725

IssuerMnemonicType of ShareBest Bid G$Vol Bid (000s)Best Offer G$Vol Off'd (000s)Opening Price G$MWAP G$Low G$High G$Last Trade Price G$Last Trade Vol (000s)Last Trade DateTotal Volume Traded (000s)List Type
Banks DIH LimitedDIHOrdinary Shares of no par value30.72,693.235.00.535.
Caribbean Container IncorporatedCCIOrdinary Shares of no par value9.
Citizens Bank Guyana IncorporatedCBIOrdinary Shares of no par value144.0101.3144.06144.029/12/2014list
City Jewelers and Pawnbrokers LimitedCJLOrdinary Shares of no par value05/06/2017list
Demerara Bank LimitedDBLOrdinary Shares of no par value36.0374.138.0140.
Demerara Distillers LimitedDDLOrdinary Shares of no par value25.5376.325.525.529/05/2017list
Demerara Tobacco Company LimitedDTCOrdinary Shares of no par value990.010.21,000.054.61,000.01,000.01,000.01000.01,000.00.405/06/20171.3list
Globe Trust & Investment Company LimitedGTIOrdinary Shares of no par value05/06/2017list
Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry LimitedBTIOrdinary Shares of no par value440.0101.5445.0172.0445.0445.005/06/2017list
Guyana Stockfeeds IncorporatedGSIOrdinary Shares of no par value24.
Humphrey & Company LimitedHCLOrdinary Shares of no par value05/06/2017list
J.P. Santos & Company LimitedJPSOrdinary Shares of no par value22.514.520.020.002/11/2015list
Property Holdings IncorporatedPHIOrdinary Shares of no par value4.91,
Republic Bank (Guyana) LimitedRBLOrdinary Shares of no par value114.041.4115.0318.7130.0120.0120.0120.0120.02.105/06/20173.5list
Rupununi Development Company LimitedRDLOrdinary Shares of no par value350.040.1750.01.6750.0750.026/09/2016list
Sterling Products LimitedSPLOrdinary Shares of no par value163.093.2161.0161.014/09/2016list
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