Session 875

IssuerMnemonicType of ShareBest Bid G$Vol Bid (000s)Best Offer G$Vol Off'd (000s)Opening Price G$MWAP G$Low G$High G$Last Trade Price G$Last Trade Vol (000s)Last Trade DateTotal Volume Traded (000s)List Type
Banks DIH LimitedDIHOrdinary Shares of no par value75.1924.379.0106.778.
Caribbean Container IncorporatedCCIOrdinary Shares of no par value12.520.212.512.503/06/2019list
Citizens Bank Guyana IncorporatedCBIOrdinary Shares of no par value151.0200.3146.0146.028/09/2018list
City Jewelers and Pawnbrokers LimitedCJLOrdinary Shares of no par value03/08/2020list
Demerara Bank LimitedDBLOrdinary Shares of no par value73.2123.691.051.370.
Demerara Distillers LimitedDDLOrdinary Shares of no par value94.589.995.0137.390.
Demerara Tobacco Company LimitedDTCOrdinary Shares of no par value800.09.4975.055.5975.0975.003/08/2020list
Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry LimitedBTIOrdinary Shares of no par value670.0101.6700.01.0700.0696.4670.0700.0670.00.003/08/20200.4list
Guyana Stockfeeds IncorporatedGSIOrdinary Shares of no par value20.06.074.95,511.274.974.927/07/2020list
Humphrey & Company LimitedHCLOrdinary Shares of no par value03/08/2020list
J.P. Santos & Company LimitedJPSOrdinary Shares of no par value25.097.620.020.002/11/2015list
Property Holdings IncorporatedPHIOrdinary Shares of no par value8.782.58.78.704/03/2020list
Republic Bank (Guyana) LimitedRBLOrdinary Shares of no par value360.025.9374.9133.5374.9374.903/08/2020list
Rupununi Development Company LimitedRDLOrdinary Shares of no par value500.040.6750.01.6750.0750.027/07/2020list
Sterling Products LimitedSPLOrdinary Shares of no par value275.014.3275.0275.030/03/2020list
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